Providing Relocation Opportunities to Stable Positive Environments for Renters

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Application Process

PLEASE NOTE: All spaces are currently occupied in our program.

1. Click here to complete the criteria application or you can email to request a physical copy of the application.

2. Complete the criteria application form online or mail the print version to Move to PROSPER to:

Ebner Building
1070 College Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43209

3. Soon after, if you meet initial program requirements, you will receive a link to complete and submit a disclosure and authorization form or it will be mailed to you if you sent us an application by mail

4. Next, if you meet both program and other initial screening requirements, you will receive a link to complete a program application or one will be mailed to you

5. Next, Move to PROSPER will schedule an interview

6. Upon completion of a successful interview, you’ll receive a participation agreement to sign

7. After signing, you’ll meet with a coach to begin the process of identifying an apartment


Move to PROSPER will review all application material in the order received.

Questions About Applying?


Why Apply?

  • Healthy housing in a safe neighborhood helps decrease stress for both you and your children
  • High performing schools allow your children to create a foundation for future success
  • Coaching and workshops will give you the tools to continue to create opportunities for you and your family for years to come
  • Quality housing can decrease health issues such as asthma and the risk of lead poisoning
  • Safe neighborhoods allow you and your children to play outside and go for walks, which can reduce high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity
  • A new community may create new employment opportunities that decrease your daily commute and/or increase your income