What Community Leaders are Saying

Move to PROSPER is a bold, innovative effort created to demonstrate that our community supports families who are seeking pathways to prosperity.  All children deserve equal access to the American dream of receiving quality education and becoming economically self-sufficient. Move to PROSPER makes this a reality by opening doors to opportunity.  United Way of Central Ohio endorses this initiative, one that promises to be a game changer

- Lisa S. Courtice, President & CEO, United Way of Central Ohio

The impact of Move to Prosper is inspiring to me, and I think the potential to affect change in terms of landlord's perceptions and policies, and employer's role in supporting their staff is particularly compelling.  So, keep counting me in, and see what Local Matters can do to support that!

- Michelle Moskowitz Brown | Executive Director, Local Matters

At Star House, we have the privilege of truly knowing young mothers who are living without stable housing. We know the stiff barriers to stability that they face.  We also know their talents and potential to overcome and thrive when given the right leg up. We are grateful to Move to PROSPER for being part of our community's ongoing movement to prevent chronic homelessness. Their plan to provide temporary rental support and comprehensive coaching for mothers is exactly what we need to lift young families out of catch-22 situations and give them a chance to achieve stability in a safe neighborhood. 

- Ann Bischoff, CEO, Star House

Children need to live in healthy, safe and affordable homes to grow up healthy, succeed in school and thrive in the workforce. The Move to PROSPER Demonstration Project provides families the chance to do just that by helping them live in high-opportunity neighborhoods, offering coaching support and connecting them to community resources. This project will shed new light on multiple, interconnected questions about how housing and neighborhood factors influence long-term outcomes.  

- Sarah Norman, Director, Healthy Homes & Communities, NeighborWorks America

It's one thing to envision a world where children of widely different backgrounds and means have the opportunity to grow up with a realistic chance to truly thrive. It's another thing to see targeted, innovative action with strong and capable leadership and coaching to make it happen. I see that in Move to PROSPER.

- Mark Stewart, LifeLaunch Consulting, an offshoot of Executive Elements

Having a healthy home in a safe neighborhood is a social determinant of health.  We know that when children and adults don't have such a home, their physical and mental health is adversely impacted. Move to PROSPER will help us understand this critical issue and lead to policy changes to improve the lives of people locally as well as nationally. We are excited to be part of this important and impactful study.

- Dr. Bernadette Melnyk, VP for Health Promotion, Chief Wellness Officer & Dean of College of Nursing, OSU

We see the face of homelessness every day and know how important a quality, affordable home in a safe neighborhood is to both children and adults in our community.  We also know the importance of a strong support network that  helps ensure family stability no matter the circumstances life presents. The Move to PROSPER Demonstration program will discover more about the keys needed for low-income families to benefit from both and prosper.

- Angela Stoller-Zervas, MSW, LSW, Director of Family Center Programs, YWCA Family Center

At our Moms2B program every week we see women hoping to have a healthy pregnancy, AND unfortunately too often, also hunting, with a new baby in their arms, for a new home. Many of our Moms have other children, they need good schools, safe neighborhoods and a good home for their family. We desperately need Move to Prosper to be successful and to grow, to provide opportunities for all our single parent households to help our next generation thrive in a healthy, stable environment. Thank you for all your work. Our city, and our Moms2B need you!

- Dr. Patricia T. Gabbe, MD MPH Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Ohio State University and Nationwide Children's Hospital; Founder, Moms2B a Community Program to support pregnant women and reduce disparities in infant mortality.

Move to PROSPER is a much needed approach providing access to housing, great schools and supportive services. This approach will enable families to move into stable and safe neighborhoods and experience an environment so often not accessible to many hard working families in our communities.

- Darnita M Bradley, Manager of Governmental Affairs & Economic Development, Columbia Gas of Ohio