Move to PROSPER News Update June 25, 2018

Families Selected for Move to PROSPER Pilot!

We are thrilled to share that the first 10 families will be in their new homes before school begins this summer. Seven families have been approved and 3 more should be approved in the next 3 weeks.

All of the women are excited about the possibility of moving to new homes in safe neighborhoods and working with a life coach to make positive changes in their lives. These first 7 women have already participated in their first MTP workshop.

  • One part of the workshop which focused on Financial Stability, led by Susan Colbert with OSU Extension, was especially lively and engaging.  Susan started by asking the participants what they could do with $1,200, if they won this amount by playing the lottery. She then walked the participants through a number of ways that they can save this amount of money by making small changes in their daily habits which would put them on the path to greater financial success for themselves and their families. Everyone was excited to learn how they can become financially successful.

  • The other part of the program, The Rights and Responsibilities of Landlords and Tenants, led by Ben Horne of the Legal Aid Society of Columbus, was enlightening and provided important information on how to be successful tenants in their new apartment communities. The group asked a lot of questions to better understand their rights as tenants and ways they can ensure successful outcomes as renters in their new communities.

The first 7 families have a total of 16 children, 12 boys and 4 girls. All of the participants have some college education, work full-time, and have an average income of only $30,000. There will be more information on the applicants and the families chosen once all of the families are selected from the over 200 applications that have been received so far.   

What People are Saying about Move to PROSPER!

Lisa S. Courtice, President & CEO, United Way of Central Ohio:

“Move to PROSPER is a bold, innovative effort created to demonstrate that our community supports families who are seeking pathways to prosperity.  All children deserve equal access to the American dream of receiving quality education and becoming economically self-sufficient. Move to PROSPER makes this a reality by opening doors to opportunity. United Way of Central Ohio endorses this initiative, one that promises to be a game changer.”   


Move to PROSPER’s Key Partnerships

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio and Jewish Family Services are critical Move to PROSPER partners for achieving our goals. The partners work with MTP life coaches to improve life outcomes for children and their mothers. We do this by creating opportunities for residential and financial stability through temporary rental support and comprehensive coaching that begins with successful moves to higher opportunity communities. Coaching continues so families learn to navigate the systems needed for financial stability, educational and career improvement, and improved health and wellness.

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters will provide mentors to the children in Move to PROSPER to assist them in becoming part of their new communities and provide another adult to support their growth and dreams.  

  • Jewish Family Services will assist women who want to explore their career options to put them on a track towards self-sufficiency.


Alliance for the American Dream: OSU Collaboration with Schmidt Futures

OSU was selected by Schmidt Futures to collaborate to launch the Alliance for the American Dream — a $1.5m  initiative to identify ideas that will foster social mobility, equality of opportunity, and a true middle class that is attainable and sustainable. OSU seeks to generate innovative ideas for local families that increase economic opportunities for those in danger of falling out of the middle class. It also seeks to stabilize and expand the middle class.

To do so, OSU will focus on two pathways, one of which is to provide greater upward mobility of lower-income earners who are without the economic securities of the middle class. This is the heart of Move to PROSPER!

Move to PROSPER will submit a description of our innovative program to OSU. To learn more, visit Alliance for the American Dream. Please consider responding to the survey and submitting a statement supporting the need for Move to PROSPER in our region. Take Dream Survey & Submit Idea Here.


Many Thanks to our Donors

Move to PROSPER has raised almost 80% of the 3-year budget for the pilot! Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this innovative initiative to empower families to prosper.  

We still need to raise over $100,000 to meet our goal. Please help us reach our goal by clicking Gift to Move to PROSPER today and donate $100. Fully funding the pilot will give comfort to the families who are relying on us to support them as they move to a new community so they will be secure in knowing that we will have the funds available to complete all 3 years of the pilot. It will also allow us to reach the finish line of evaluating this pilot to determine feasibility to move into the broader program phase where we can help even more families.


Coffee, Tea or Drinks Anyone?

Please let us know if you would like to host coffee, tea, or drinks with your friends, relatives, colleagues, or members of an organization that you are part of so that they too can learn about Move to PROSPER. We are seeking to spread the word about why our community needs to open the doors to opportunity. Thanks for your help! Contact or to learn more.

For more information or to make a gift, visit Move to PROSPER



Amy Klaben