Providing Relocation Opportunities to Stable Positive Environments for Renters

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When you donate to Move to PROSPER, you are providing life-changing opportunities to children and their mothers. Studies show that even just a few years of living in a high opportunity neighborhood positively impacts a child's life forever. Give a gift that will keep on giving.


Children who live in stable households in high opportunity neighborhoods for even a few years before reaching age 13 have positive long-term life outcomes. 

Adult women who move to high opportunity neighborhoods are 40% less likely to be diabetic or obese. 

In the Columbus area, a worker needs to earn $33,238 annually to afford the market-rate rent of $831 for a two-bedroom apartment in 2016.

Children living in substandard housing and neighborhoods have estimated literacy scores 15% lower than those living in the best housing conditions. 


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