Providing Relocation Opportunities to Stable Positive Environments for Renters

About Move to PROSPER

Move to PROSPER makes affordable rental housing available in neighborhoods that offer access to opportunities, such as good schools, safe neighborhoods, employment and other indicators of opportunities, so that all families at all income levels in Central Ohio have a true choice to live in a community of opportunity.

PROSPER provides access to rental homes for very low income households with children ages 13 and under in particular rental apartment communities in high opportunity neighborhoods in central Ohio.

We Provide:

  • 3 years of rental support
  • Workshops and programs for you and your family
  • Access to safe, quality & healthy housing in an apartment in a high opportunity community
  • The assistance of a life coach to support you on reaching your financial, career, educational and wellness goals for you and your family
  • Assistance integrating your children into a new school & your family into a new neighborhood

Two-bedroom apartments are located in the following school districts:

- Gahanna          - Dublin

- Olentangy       - Hilliard


Move to PROSPER improves life outcomes for children and their families by creating opportunities for residential and financial stability. We provide temporary rental support and comprehensive coaching to facilitate individual and family success in their transition to higher opportunity communities.

Why Do We Need Move to PROSPER?

Research suggests that children who live in stable households in high opportunity neighborhoods for even a few years before reaching age 13 have positive long-term life outcomes.

  • 31% higher incomes in early adulthood
  • Girls are 26% less likely to be teen mothers and have a 70% lower risk of severe anxiety disorders.
  • 32% more likely to attend college
  • $302,000 higher lifetime earnings

Research also suggests that is it difficult for families to move from low opportunity to high opportunity neighborhoods in a sustained manner. The stress of managing moving decisions, household demands, and a lack of knowledge of suburban communities can prevent those in lower income households from moving to suburban neighborhoods and establishing long-term residency. This is why the Move to PROSPER client-driven goal setting coaching model based on evidence-based practices will be a key to the success of this project.



Move to PROSPER has big goals. In addition to establishing a program that we believe will lead to the improvement of life quality and prosperity for lower-income families in central Ohio, we will also develop a national model for affordable housing policy.


Our Model

The model includes both components for sustained resident success: a mechanism for contributing towards the cost of living in high opportunity neighborhoods and life coaching. Move to PROSPER will be an important contribution to understanding how to create a potential funding model. In addition, the research will add to the body of knowledge regarding the impact of providing time-limited rental support, and a coaching model that not only assists with the move itself (mobility counseling), but also life coaching for sustained residence in high opportunity, mixed-income communities.